If someone tells me that they don’t like a poutine, I call bullshit. Odds are it’s because they’ve never done poutine proper!  


So here’s the deal: I spent 20+ years living in Quebec, Canada. As much as I don’t want to fuel a stereotype, sweet sweet poutine was a quintessential part of my growing up in Quebec and a staple in my diet. I’ve been living in Toronto, Ontario for about 7 months now and it’s been one hell of time to get a good one. At the time of this post, I have yet to be wowed by poutine outside of Quebec.   


I’m often confronted with comments that suggest that I’m looking in the wrong province for good poutine. Are you kidding me?! I fail to see what that has to do with anything! Toronto is not in India, Mexico or Vietnam and that doesn’t stop me from getting delicious dahl, exquisite enchiladas and phenomenal pho! Bottom line is that while location plays an integral part of the conception of a culture’s dish, in this day and age it’s simple to recreate said dish just about anywhere – or so one would think. It’s apparently fucking rocket science get good fries, cheese and gravy about 700km from where poutine was (allegedly) invented but Johnny Canadian down the street can whip up a great Japanese dish like no buddies business. 


My mission is to go around finding a stellar poutine that blows my mind. I’ll document my curdsade as best as I can here with critiques and pictures. I will be “grading” on ingredients, esthetics, taste, portion, and price (if someone wants to charge $8+ for a poutine, the shit better make my taste buds explode) and whatever else I decide to throw in as we go along. However, I will keep this just as poutine should be kept, relatively simple yet fucking amazing.   


If you have any questions, comments or even if you want to suggest a spot which you think is on point and has great poutine, please do not hesitate to shoot me an email at curdsade@gmail.com.