STOP BITIN’ v2.0 Wednesday, Dec 17 2008 

Whooooooooooooa! Long time no update. The holidays are among us and I have been slacking. To all of you who follow this blog, I would like to sincerely apologize for the lack of updates.

It seems as though another Toronto media channel has jumped on the poutine bandwagon. I would make a comment about how they are biting my steez, but I wouldn’t want the unnecessary drama that such a comment brought last time.

Today the Toronto Star’s food critic, Corey Mintz, posted an article about where to get the (alleged) best poutine in Toronto.

There are so many things wrong with this article, in my not-so-humble opinion that I don’t even know where to start.

Ok I lied – I will start with the tag-line; “French-Canadian dish of … finally finds a home west of Quebec.” Why make it seem like poutine is this new phenomenon in Toronto or anywhere west of Quebec? The ‘tine has been around for a while – albeit in disappointing forms, but all of a sudden some guy opens up a “poutinerie” and it’s like the second coming of Christ.

Secondly, instead of talking about the best places to go, most of the article is about Smoke’s Poutinerie, which, as a follower you would have read, is disappointing at best despite the positive review in the article. You’d think some palms were greased. I’m not insinuating that someone’s palms were greased, I’m just sayin.

Thirdly, Corey Mintz, while disagreeing with the statement indicated that “I’m told Torontonians prefer shredded cheese over curds.” While I respect that the following sentence is “This Torontonian sure doesn’t.” I still can’t help but offer the polite suggestion of getting new sources. No curds means not poutine. Bottom line.

This brings me to my final point of contention: All of the poutines (and I use that term loosely) that were listed, save Smoke’s, are arguably not poutines as a result of it being all bougey with added foie gras or sausages or braised beef. Fries. Curds. Gravy. C’est tous. Point finale.

I just want to take a moment before compelting this entry to mention that I’m not attacking Corey Mintz’s professionalism or integrity with this post. The purpose was to illustrate and express my personal issues as a borderline-obsessed poutine lover. Everyone has their opinions and the right to express them but I really had to take a stand and pick this apart.

Marion Kane Monday, Nov 17 2008 

I may be a little behind on the times, but I feel that this is worth sharing. Marion Kane has embarked is on a curdsade of her own as she basically has taken on the mission/pilgrimage of my dreams: researching the origins of my kryptonite; d’la poutine, calice!


I wish she was taking me with her, but since I’m still in Toronto while she roams my home-land I wish her the best of luck and I truly look forward to seeing how this plays out!

STOP BITIN’! Friday, Nov 7 2008 

BlogTO decided to bite my steez and make a “Best Poutine In Toronto” post.

Thanks guys. Thanks.

action de grace Sunday, Oct 12 2008 

Happy Thanksgiving, Canada!!

mashed potatoes, st. alberts cheese curds and homemade gravy

mashed potatoes, st. albert's cheese curds and homemade gravy

Poutine Anthems Tuesday, Aug 26 2008 

My last post was basically a shout out to some friends – and this is kind of the same. My good friend…scratch that…one of the best dudes that I know, Big Baby Campbell, has this sweet (and hilarious) blog that illustrates his eclectic love of music. I’ve become a big fan as of late and am throwing together this pseudo-homage to Youth Anthems with a poutine flavoured jam.

In this first installation we have is Omnikron featuring Parisian crew TTC with thier jam Danse La Poutine.

I realize that most people won’t get what this is all about since it’s all in French but all you need to know is it’s people eating legit poutines. Not only do I, for some inexplicable reason love TTC jams, but this track is all about making/eating one of the best things to ever come out of Quebec, along with Mario Lemieux, sirop d’érable and 40s of 50!

To be continued…

squeeeeeesh squeeeeeesh


FRIENDS! Saturday, Aug 23 2008 

So! In my opinion, if you’re reading this, you’re either a fan of food and/or food reviews or you are my friend who enjoys reading your favorite borderline functional alcoholic French Canadian tear apart poutines made by the Anglos who are constantly trying to destroy my culture. Yeah I said it. How serious am I? I’m not telling…


ANYWAYS! Believe it or not, there is an actual purpose to this post; two for my friends have recently started food blogs. A hamburger review blog and a barbeque blog. The dude that runs the barbeque blog is a BBQ master – he may or may not have gotten vegetarians to break veg! It’s also worth noting that the lady who runs the hamburger blog may or may not have a ginourmous hamburger tattoo. If those aren’t credentials, then I don’t know what are.


If you have a moment, take a peak, subscribe, enjoy, whatever.