Saturday I went to some week-late Dia de los Meurtos thing at the Harbour Front and instead of getting some authentic mexican food all I could think about was getting poutine. I was hearing okthings about a spot on King Street West on my way home (which will remain nameless until I hit it) but the people that I was with were East Enders. Then it hit me – the place that my meat addicted friends often talk about and the place that I saw after stumbling out of last winter’s M.O.P. show at the Opera House…Dangerous Dan’s (Queen Street East and Broadview). The only reason that I have honestly not been there since that awesome night was because I still labeled myself vegetarian until recently. Let’s be honest here, the burger joint that not only has (humorous) anti-vegetarian slogans on the wall and that CityTV has referred to as “probably the most unhealthy restaurant in Canada” would not really be the best place for a vegetarian. Which, to be fair, is arguably debatable.

As I type this it has been about six hours since I devoured this “large poutine” as a side to my veggie burger (which was ridiculed by the staff) – but I still can feel it in my stomach…that could also be the shit ton of beers that I consumed since our Double D visit, but regardless this shit is Manuel Uribe heavy. 

I was advised by staff that this beef gravy is made by the fellows at DD and in my personal opinion, while really tasty, it was a little too salty for my liking. I was very pleased, however, to not only see the use of cheese curds, but I’m also pretty sure that I heard/felt some squeekage. I may or may not have said it aloud at the table with a little giggle. Where this poutine gets a little lost on me is the fries. If you like big thick, to borrow a phrase, “man fries”, then these are on point. When put into a poutine it just seems a bit much and comes off a little overpowering of the dish. While there was copious amounts of gravy which drenched this non-layered plate of poutine, it was still like eating a $6.25 plate of soaked deep fried hunks of potato.

I’m a little torn; this was certainly a valiant effort at the traditional construction of this classic Quebecois delicacy, I don’t love it. I certainly don’t hate it but I can’t say that I love it.

To my readers who love meat, but especially burgers, go out and try the DD poutine. If you like, what I believe are referred to as, steak cut fries and get the Coronary Burger Special while you’re at it and sink your teeth into this beast of a fucking sandwich…

OH! Before I forget, I feel that it’s important to say that if you don’t have a sense of humour, you probably should not venture into this Queen East diner. While all in good fun, as a client you may more than likely be part of a joke and if you can’t take one, don’t bother stepping foot in the door and being a buzz kill. To be honest, not realizing they were just taking a piss, I was pretty bummed out at first, but then I came around and it was one of the funniest meals I have had in a while.