Saturday, I headed over to a friend’s place to create a concoction that has been talked about for weeks. Phenomenal home-made poutine -.a pulled-pork poutine no less. It’s Monday afternoon and I’m in still in awe.


It all started Saturday morning with a true barbeque enthusiast, powering this beast up:



For more info on the actual barbequing, please visit his blog; Swine Flavored Smoke Signals.


By the time I showed up most of the Yukon Gold potatoes were cut and soaking and I got there just in time to get the oil (three bricks of lard and a bottle of peanut oil) going. Without a deep fryer, we threw this bitch on his smaller propane bbq.  






Once nice and golden brown we gave them a pat down and salted them like crazy – when the other dudes weren’t looking I was salting the fuck out of these things! SO GOOD!


While the fries were being tended to by yours truly, and the SFSS pulling his pork we had our third musketeer manning the gravy train. A mish mash between two different types of gravy, freshly ground pepper, sugar and some pork drippings, the conductor concocted a mind blowing smokey gravy! CHOO CHOO!


Everything had to be on point like we were architects and once everything was good to go, the building started…



ST. ALBERT’S CHEESE CURDS – the Don P of cheese curds. Hands down my favorite with La Trappe de Fromage in Gatineau with a close-ish second. Sadly, I did not find any English info to link you guys for La Trappe.  





I guess I should review this, huh?!



This is obviously not your traditional Quebecois poutine; thanks to the pork and the gravy style. Regardless, this was so amazingly delicious! The fries were phenomenal, the gravy was glorious and most importantly we had cheese curds. The curds, however, I wish were squeaky, but I got them on my last trip to Ottawa and kept them frozen for this occasion. The kept pretty well but obviously lost there squeek in Hoth, if I do say so myself.  


I don’t really know much about the pulled pork – I’m not really one that normally eats meat so I kind of ate around the flesh as much as I could but holy shit! I believe my quote, while chewing was “Man, I don’t normally eat meat at all…cuz I kinda don’t like it…but this…oh man…*shakes a pointing finger at the bbq master while laughing*”


The three of us were so incredibly food high. I would do this again in a heartbeat. So much fun and so delicious. Easily the best poutine I have had so far in this city…wow…Toronto eateries need to step their game up if 3 dudes drinking beer hanging out can destroy their poutines. Real talk.