I used to live, without exaggeration, about a five minute walk from Pizza Italie which can be found at 101 Promenade du Portage in Gatineau (Hull Sector), Quebec. Actually, in my time living in that neighborhood I was definitely vegan for the majority of it. I know – pretty ironic. My girlfriend who I was (and still currently am) living with would get the Pizza Italie poutines and tell me how good they were – I tried to shrug it off for as long as I could and just got fries. Then one day I just definitely swooped in and stole a bite of her poutine and that, my friends, was the end of my vegan days. Good riddance!


On the recent trip to Ottawa it was decided that we would hit up Pizza Italie when we got into town before going to my parent’s place for drinking and hot tubing. Good call, M&N. Good call. Great call, M&N. Great call.



I don’t even know if you guys are ready for this shit…





There’s nothing else to say but this has nice thick fries that aren’t Belgian or taste like they’re frozen or any of that (read: perfect), smothered in a gloriously delicious gravy and an insane amount of fresh squeaky cheese curds.



It’s also beautifully layered all the way through. Just looking at this is making my heart hurt and my mouth water – I’m so incredibly hungry right now…


TAKE NOTE, TORONTO! THIS IS HOW IT’S DONE! Oh! And maybe I should mention that it’s only about $5 to get this beast. No matter how full I am, I never leave a bite.


In my ESD post I mentioned that a trip to Ottawa would be complete without hitting up ESD – and I still hold true to that. Now, my friends, I have to say that not trip to the Ottawa area is worth taking without stopping in my old hood to visit Pizza Italie.


For the record: Mom, Dad and in-laws, you know that I love visiting you guys and that it’s my reason for going nine times out of ten, and you know that I wouldn’t really consider it a wasted trip if I saw you guys and didn’t go to Pizza Italie, but I you guys know just as well as I do that this poutine is the bomb-shit!


That’s right it’s the bomb-shit. It’s the Cadillac of poutines. I would award it a gold medal if I could. I would give it the Stanley Cup of poutinery if I could. Come to think of it – I should make an official curdsade certificate for these guys giving them 97/5 golden curds. Yeah I said it. Damn Skippy.