The day after I was advised of the chip trunk poutine on the University of Toronto I went on the mission to find if before going to a party on the UofT campus…but to no avail. I assumed that I was either lost or they just shut down for the evening. Upon further investigation, it was the latter. Anyways, jonsing to get my ‘tine on we walked around the campus and side streets looking for a spot that we could eat at that could curb that poutine craving.


About 25-35min later, we settle for a Burger King. Just the thought of how we went to BK for a poutine is totally bumming me out – was there seriously no other spots?! We were almost tempted to ditch the curdsade for the evening and getting pizza or falafel – but we passed on the pizza because it wasn’t poutine and we passed on the falafel because who wants to smell like a walking garlic clove at a party. So here we were at Bloor and Bathurst walking into a sketchy looking BK for a fucking poutine. Ugh – the things I do…



“Caution: Hot”? Thank you, Dr. Obvious! I did not realize that the gravy that melts the cheese on top of the fries that just came out of the deep fryer would be hot! /sarcasm.




We got fries. We got gravy. We got cheese curds. I immediately gave them points for getting it right! I was kind of disappointed with the size, but it was only $1.89 to add it on to a combo – so that’s actually not bad. In all honesty, nothing to really complain about. So on to the taste test.


As a self-proclaimed poutine connoisseur, I will tell you all right now that I’m a little embarrassed to say this…the poutine was actually pretty good. Maybe it’s because I was really hungry, or maybe its because it was actually tasty – I don’t know, I’m not a doctor. What I do know, however, is that I was pleasantly surprised at what I got at what was possibly the sketchiest BK that I have ever been to.


While they did use good curds (sans squeek mind you) and really tasty gravy with a near perfect consistency, the fries sucked (obviously) and no layering. In their defense, the container seems a little small to layer, but regardless this poutine could have greatly profited from it.


Speaking of layering, on top of the above (see what I did there?), I was apparently pretty lucky because my girlfriend who also got a poutine did not seem to have the same quality that I did – despite the aforementioned caution it was barely warm. Kind of a bummer. However, on my good experiences, she went to another BK (King and Dufferin) last night and got a poutine – not only was it about $4 on its own but it was “meh” at best. While I had a pretty positive experience, they apparently need to work on being consistent.


In closing, I would only go out of my way to get a BK poutine if the king himself was serving it. The King: what a great dude.