This evening while I was on the street car on my way to the season opener of Ten Frame Fight‘s (temporary, but hopefully not that temporary, name) inaugural bowling season, I received a text message from my honorary big sister. Well, maybe I’m more accurately her honorary little brother. I’m sure that I annoy her enough to merit the sucking up for brownie points. In any event, I digress…

Her message read “Chip truck on campus uses fresh cut fries and curds but beef gravy. Still pretty good”

I responded excitedly that I will try to hit it up tomorrow as I’m supposed to be in the area. Then I received the response “Small is decent sized for $3.75”.

OH SNAP! Things are getting a little interesting…as I am typing the message saying that if she were to have taken a picture I could have put up a post from her as a correspondent I get a notification that I have another message waiting for me….what is it?


So apparently the “Truck is called ‘Ideal Catering’ in front of Sidney Smith Hall” – expect a full out review from either big sister or lil brother in the damn near future, kids!! Also, just in case you don’t know, Sidney Smith Hall is one of the main buildings on the University of Toronto campus. SAY WORD.