Walking around aimlessly one afternoon it dawned on me that I needed to step my blog-game up! Walking down Queen St. West (once again) looking on the outside posted menus, the fam and I decided to pop into Shanghai Cowgirl to get our eat on.  


 Located just east of Bathurst at 538 Queen St. West, Shanghai Cowgirl is a rock’n’roll dinner that has an interesting menu having everything from vegan sandwich to Asian dishes to “ghetto chicken”. Speaking of the “Ghetto Chicken” I was discussing Shanghai Cowgirl with one of my co-workers today and showed him the “Ghetto Chicken” item on the menu…


me:      Yo, check this out… ‘Ghetto Chicken’!

he:       What does this ‘Ghetto Chicken’ consist of?

me:      ummm fried chicken with fried mushrooms and gravy!

he:       That’s racist.

me:      *laughing* think so?

he:       Wait. Is this a black restaurant?

me.      Not really? I mean it’s a “rock’n’roll” dinner.

he:       Yeah…That’s racist!  


… but I digress.




I see the poutine on the menu clocking $7.25 – while not stoked I order the poutine (obviously) anticipating it to blow my fucking mind!

 Shanghai Cowgirl

The fries were easily the best part of this “poutine”. Far from being stellar and/or my ideal poutine fry, they were still delicious.


Lastly, what the fuck is up with topping this monstrosity with green onions?! Don’t get me wrong, I like green onions (and onions in general) as much as the next guy, but on a poutine? That’s like saying it’s totally cool to make an ice cream float in a Jack & Coke! Ice cream floats are amazing! Jack Daniels is equally delicious! But mixing them up? … Actually, I’ve done that before…and it’s pretty delicious. Ok. Bad example. OH! OH! OH! Ice cream sundae topped with diced hotdogs. Two things awesome on their own, but should not be mixed! Like Biggy said Money and blood don’t mix like two dicks and no bitch” – I don’t really know Mr. Wallace, but I think that it’s safe to assume that, with money and blood not mixing, he was talking about poutine being topped with ridiculous shit…and sword fights. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

Bottom line, I think it’s pretty safe to say that I wouldn’t eat the poutine there again – and so the curdsade continues. 















First things first, for $7.25 I was anticipating that this portion would be Sneaky Dee’s sized…that was disappointment number one. Yeah I said it, number one! Number two would be the powerful smell of chicken fat/broth/whatever that took over the dish. Taking a look at the above photo we can see that the crazy is less than traditional. What was served was thick, borderline gelatinous gravy (reminiscent of Dee’s, but lighter) that had an awkward taste.


As far as cheese goes; zero points. I don’t even work on a points system, but if I did – zero points! Unless I was in a great mood and I would give a couple points for the chef freshly grating the cheese for the dish – but, aside from it being grated cheddar and not curds, the dirty looks I got from almost all the staff for whipping out a camera and snapping shots would pretty much negate the points.